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Stouffer’s Launches Meal Kits In The Frozen Aisle Nationwide

Stouffer's beef and broccoli meal kit.

Stouffer’s has begun rolling out its new Complete Family Meal Kits, customizable kits available without a subscription, to retailers across the U.S.

Complete Family Meal Kits ingredients come pre-chopped, pre-measured, and the meals are ready in less than 25 minutes. They are available in four varieties: Roasted Tuscan Style Chicken, Braised Pork, Beef & Broccoli and Sesame Chicken. Each kit serves four people and has an MSRP of $15.99. 

“At Stouffer’s, we’ve been serving great meals to friends & families since 1924, and we are always innovating to move modern food forward,” Justin Chafe, a Stouffer’s marketing associate, told The Shelby Report. “Stouffer’s Complete Family Meal Kits started with the goal of simplifying meal planning, minimizing chopping, prepping and cleanup so families can spend time together enjoying a delicious home cooked meal. We focused on meals that appeal to family members of all ages and that can be cooked any night of the week in less than 25 minutes.”

Each meal kit can be customized to suit individual consumers’ tastes. The kits are made up of four separate packages with vegetables, protein, grains or potatoes, and a sauce all individually packaged and frozen so consumers can tailor or add to the recipes to meet their tastes and preferences.

“If your child doesn’t like broccoli, it’s easy to leave it off the plate,” said Chafe. “Additionally, we provide recipe suggestions to customize the flavor such as spicing up the Sesame Chicken Meal Kit by adding your favorite Sriracha sauce, or making the Braised Pork cheesy by topping the potatoes or broccoli with shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese.”

Stouffer’s Complete Family Meal Kits reached Kroger and Walmart shelves in late October, and are continuing to roll out to additional retailers across the U.S.

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