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Imperfect Produce Supplies Portland Hunger Relief Program

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San Francisco-Based Imperfect Produce, which provides discounted fruits and vegetables to homes along the West Coast, is now sponsoring Portland-based Sunshine Awakenings‘ Superfeed program on a weekly basis. The community-driven Superfeed program provides the Portland homeless population with healthy and nutritious food.

Imperfect Produce makes cosmetically imperfect produce that otherwise would not be sold in grocery stores available to consumers for a discounted rate.

“Imperfect Produce strongly believes in providing affordable and healthy food to Americans,” says Sunshine Awakenings of Imperfect Produce’s motivation for partnering with the nonprofit Superfeed Project.

Sunshine Awakenings is a charity in Portland that focuses on spreading positivity and kindness throughout the community. While the organization has many programs ranging from art circles to free hug days, Superfeed Portland is its flagship program. This program helps to improve the lives of those without a home by providing them with healthy food like pressed juices and sprout sandwiches.

“Portland’s homeless population increased 10 percent between 2015 and 2017. Studies performed in 2017 show that there are over 4,177 people in the major city without permanent housing,” says Sunshine Awakenings. “While there are less people sleeping on the streets—and more in shelters—these people still lack access to basic necessities such as housing and nutritious food. That’s where Superfeed comes in. With this program, Sunshine Awakenings provides the Portland homeless population with access to food that is not only delicious but that will also nourish their bodies.”

Thanks to weekly donations of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from Imperfect Produce, the Superfeed program is able to feed many more people than it was able to before, the organization says.

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