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Chobani Launches Yogurt For Kids In Fun Packaging And Flavors

Chobani Gimmies

Chobani LLC, based in Norwich, New York, has launched Chobani Gimmies, a new line of Greek Yogurt snacks for kids.

“Options today are lousy or impractical. It’s either junk food that parents don’t want their kids to eat or food that’s designed for adults that kids don’t want to eat. We wanted to break that cycle, and it’s a challenge we took really seriously,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO. “As a parent, you know that food for kids has to be fun; it has to be delicious; and most importantly, it has to be nutritious. And parents deserve nutritious options they can feel good about giving their kids.”

The company is rolling out 13 new flavors under the Gimmies platform nationwide. The launch includes Crunch, which is similar to the Flip format, yogurt Milkshake drinks, pouches and tubes. Gimmies are made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients and never have thickeners, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Gimmies flavors include:

  • Crunch: Poppin’ Cotton Candy, Choco Chunk Cookie Dunk, Best Birthday Ever, Ooey Gooey S’More, and Rainbow Sprinkle Cone
  • Milkshakes: Bizzy Buzzy Strawberry, Cookies & Cream Crush, Chillin’ Mint Chocolate
  • Tubes: Super Berry Rocket, Creamy Orange Dreamy, Cherry Set Go
  • Pouches: See Ya Later Strawberry, Bunch of Bouncy Grape

To develop the Gimmies platform, food makers at the company met with parents and children across the U.S.

Gimmies products are naturally rich in many essential nutrients that support good health and align with national dietary guidelines. They contain “just the right amount” of sugar to balance the taste of fruit and yogurt, reflecting the American Academy of Pediatrics recognition of the role that a small amount of sweetness can play in encouraging children, who can be picky eaters, to consume more nutrient-dense foods like yogurt. Dairy, in particular, is a food group that is currently under-consumed—about half as much as the amount that is recommended.

All flavors contribute toward the daily dairy recommendations for kids and contain greater nutrient density when compared to typical kids’ snack choices. For example:

  • Gimmies Tubes have 25 percent less sugar and 2 times the protein than the leading kids’ yogurt tubes
  • Gimmies Milkshakes have 33 percent less sugar and 2 times the protein than leading kids’ drinkable yogurt
  • Gimmies Crunch have 2 times the protein than the leading kids’ mix-in yogurt

SRPs for Gimmies products include: Crunch ($1.25 per 4-oz. serving), Tubes ($4.29 for a 10 pack, each 1.5-oz. serving), Milkshakes ($4.49 for a six pack, each 4-oz. serving) and Pouches ($4.49 for a four pack, each 3.5-oz. serving).

Chobani LLC, produces yogurt made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients from its plants in New Berlin, New York; Twin Falls, Idaho; and South Victoria, Australia. Chobani gives a portion of annual profits to charities worldwide through the company’s charitable foundation. All Chobani products—including Chobani Greek Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Drink, Chobani Smooth, Chobani Flip, Chobani Gimmies and Chobani Savor—are kosher certified, contain live and active cultures, and all of its dairy products are made with milk from cows not treated with rBST. Chobani products are available nationwide in the U.S., Mexico and Australia, and in countries in Asia and Latin America.

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