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North Country Smokehouse Expands Product Line With Sugar-Free Bacon

North Country Smokehouse sugar-free bacon

North Country Smokehouse, a family-owned smoked meat producer, has expanded its product line to include two sugar-free, paleo-friendly bacon products.

All of North Country’s products are handmade and slow-smoked in small batches and never include artificial flavors, fillers or dyes. The meats are sourced from the Breton family, a third-generation, family farm business that supplies North America and Canada with certified humane and organic pork.

North Country says it identified a need in the market for products aimed at health-conscious consumers. To meet this demand, as well as expand its range of organic and natural products, the company created two new bacon products:

  • Organic Applewood Smoked Sugar-Free Bacon—Available in an 8-oz. package, this USDA Certified Organic, paleo-friendly bacon is smoked low and slow over applewood embers. MSRP $6.99.
  • All-Natural Sugar-Free Fruitwood Smoked Bacon—Available in a 12-oz. package, this all-natural, paleo-friendly bacon is bathed in a Fruitwood smoke for more than 10 hours. MSRP $6.99.

Both products are free of nitrates, nitrites and antibiotics. Products also are Certified Humane, ensuring strict animal welfare standards. This includes providing livestock with shelter, access to resting areas, room to roam and engage in natural behaviors and no growth hormones.

“We’re excited to bring two new sugar-free bacon options to the market. Through our extensive research and development efforts, we ensured that these products pack the same flavor as our award-winning bacon, while aligning with the preferences of the health-conscious consumer,” said Aaron Corbett, COO. “We’re also proud to continue our commitment to animal welfare standards by providing USDA Organic and Certified Humane smoked meat options for consumers.”

The two products can be found at retailers such as Hannaford Supermarkets, Whole Foods Market, Big Y and Stop & Shop.

Founded in Claremont, New Hampshire, nearly a century ago, all of North Country’s products are made in small batches by butchers, wurstmachers and smokemasters who never use artificial fillers or flavors. Offering bacon, ham, sausage, beef, poultry and cheese, the company uses fresh ingredients from nearby farms, cheesemakers, orchards and sugarmakers.

North Country is a member of the Free Farmed program which assures proper care and handling of livestock.

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