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AAMP Members Prepare For International Meat Competition

Members of AAMP accept their awards at the IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany, in May 2016.
Members of AAMP accept their awards at the IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany, in May 2016.

Members of the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) are gearing up to participate in the German Butchers Association’s (DFV) international quality competition for meat products. The competition, held every three years in Frankfurt, Germany, is part of the IFFA, the world’s largest meat industry trade fair.

Processors from around the world will attend for a chance to win medals and trophies. During the last few years, however, the shipping of meat from American producers into Germany for competition has become increasingly difficult due to a growing number of EU regulations.

To help enable American producers to participate in the competition, the DFV will host a satellite sausage and ham competition for AAMP members in Madison, Wisconsin, from Jan. 21-25, 2019. The results from this competition will be held in conjunction with the IFFA in May. The satellite competition will be held at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

“This competition is an opportunity for American processors to participate on an international level without having to even leave the country,” said Chris Young, AAMP executive director. “AAMP first formed a partnership with the DFV in 2016 to host the inaugural satellite competition. We received more than 300 entries from 15 states. Many members to traveled to Frankfurt after to personally accept their awards and trophies.”

Darla Kiesel of Dewig Meats, of Haubstadt, Indiana, participated in the competition in 2016.

“Attending the DFV-AAMP competition in Wisconsin, as well as the IFFA in Germany, were both really great experiences,” said Kiesel. “We enjoyed seeing how our products ranked in comparison to the German standard. The judges were cordial, knowledgeable and very pleasant to talk to. Attending both of these events were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

In January, the DFV will fly German judges to Wisconsin to carry out the testing. By using the same judges for both competitions, the DFV ensures that the tests are carried out according to their standards and to the established evaluation requirements, says AAMP. Both the conduct of the competition, as well as the medals, will be identical to those held during the IFFA in May.

The registration deadline for the competition is Dec. 18. The participation fee is $110 per product. The fee includes the testing costs, medals, certificates, as well as the corresponding trophies. Discounts are available for certain number of entries.

For more information or to register, click here. The competition is open only to members of AAMP.

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