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Bringing Deli To The People: Volume 3

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Be Cultural: ¡Latin Food Fest!

by Brad Bennett/channel marketing manager, deli, Tyson Foods Inc.

What happens when you combine authentic culture, a vibrant Latin beat, passionate foodies, culinary personalities, and relevant brands? You get a true celebration of the senses at the San Diego ¡Latin Food Fest!1

My team at Tyson Foods usually focuses on how shoppers react to deli in the store, but here I found a sea of tasting tents showcasing food and beverage suppliers, all energized by the Latin culture that shapes this community and so many others across the globe.


I quickly discovered this wasn’t the typical deli experience, which, as Tyson studies have shown, falls short on engaging shoppers or delivering satisfaction2. As I explored, with a tasty tapas selection in one hand and a glass of Latin refreshments in the other, I found new ways to get deli out of the store and deliver a memorable experience. Some quick stats about the event:

  • 2 city locations
  • 20,000 attendees
  • 175 chefs
  • 10 million media impressions

Major sponsor Northgate Markets cooked up fresh carnitas tacos. The well-known and respected grocer caters to the Latin community that comprises nearly 40 percent of the California population. Just 15 miles from the Mexican border, this festival is a special event that rings close to home for many locals but also inspires a better understanding of the Latin culture for visitors. From using local ingredients to curating an original Mexican beer, each vendor created an experience that reflected the culture.

Did someone say ‘Latin spirit’?

Or, was that “spirits…”? Either way, I’m in! The signature Gran Tasting is ¡Latin Food Fest!’s cornerstone event where consumers sampled food and beverage, rubbed elbows with culinary personalities and engaged directly with brands.

This festival’s upbeat, fun and energetic atmosphere inspired me—and everyone around me—to join the party and celebrate the Latin culture, which was well represented through food, drink and entertainment. I also discovered a variety of culinary influences from around the world as I visited pavilions showcasing cuisine from South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and Spain.

All in all, the ¡Latin Food Fest! filled everyone with a cultural spirit that authentically encompassed the area’s heritage and was never short of entertainment, margaritas and tasty tacos. It left each of us wanting more.

I’m off on another adventure, and I’ll share my experiences next month from the event that’s been called “the best food festival in the country.” Hope you’ll join me for Feat Portland!

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