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Nestlé Waters North America To Increase Recycled Plastic In Packaging

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Nestlé Waters North America says it will achieve 25 percent recycled plastic across its U.S. domestic portfolio by 2021. The company will continue the use of recycled materials, planning to reach 50 percent recycled plastic by 2025.

The company is expanding its relationship with supplier Plastrec of Joliette, Canada, and working with other suppliers to support the ability to nearly quadruple its use of food-grade recycled plastic, or rPET, in less than three years. This comes after Nestlé’s announcement last month about the expansion of its partnership with CarbonLite as the rPET supplier builds a third U.S. facility in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

“We want to take the ‘single’ out of ‘single-use’ bottles. Our bottles were never meant to be thrown in the garbage—we carefully design them to be collected, recycled and repurposed,” says Fernando Mercé, Nestlé Waters president and CEO. “PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic is a valuable resource that, if recycled properly, can be used to create new bottles again and again. We’re proving that it can be done by making bottles out of other bottles; not ten years from now, but today.”

Earlier this year, the company unveiled a 100 percent rPET Nestlé Pure Life bottle, the only major nationally distributed bottled water on the market to be made using 100 percent recycled plastic.

“The planet has a problem with plastic pollution. If plastic is going to survive as a packaging material, it must demonstrate closed-loop capability,” said Mark Murray, executive director of the environmental group Californians Against Waste. “Nestlé Waters has embraced this responsibility by accelerating their use of recycled content over the next 3 years and their commitment to reach 50 percent by 2025. Nestlé Waters is setting the example that the rest of the beverage industry must embrace.”

Nestlé Waters North America is based in Stamford, Connecticut, with some 8,500 associates. The company says it is committed to reducing the environmental footprint across its operations. It manages 47 spring sources and conserves nearly 21,000 acres of natural watershed area.

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