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Chobani Offers Non-Dairy, Plant-Based Recipe

Non-Dairy Chobani products

Norwich, New York-based Chobani LLC has launched its first plant-based recipe, Non-Dairy Chobani, to give consumers looking for non-dairy products an option containing probiotics, less sugar than other non-dairy brands and only natural ingredients.

“We have a belief: if we can’t make something better, we don’t make it at all. And for some time, we’ve felt that people deserve better non-dairy options. We’ve come up with something that’s much better than what’s out there, a new recipe that’s absolutely delicious but also meets our food philosophy of being nutritious, made with only natural ingredients and at a price that’s accessible to all. Most importantly, this isn’t a replacement to dairy, but it’s a game-changer for plant-based products,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO.

Starting this month, the company is rolling out nine new Non-Dairy Chobani cultured organic coconut products that will be available nationwide at grocery and retail stores. Like all of the company’s products, Non-Dairy Chobani is made using only natural, non-GMO ingredients and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Non-Dairy Chobani products naturally contain no lactose, are packed with probiotics and are made with 25 percent less sugar than other non-dairy options.

The Non-Dairy Chobani name and packaging “also represents Chobani’s advocacy for transparency as it pertains to better aligning food standards of identity,” the company says.

“As an independent food company, Chobani is taking a leadership role in advocating for transparency in dairy and clear distinctions between milk-based foods, such as yogurts and other options like our Non-Dairy Chobani cultured organic coconut purees,” Chobani adds.

The new products include:

  • Single Serve Cups: Blueberry, Peach, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla (SRP $1.99 per 5.3-oz. cup)
  • Single Serve Drinks: Mango, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla Chai (SRP $2.49 per 7-oz. drink)

Chobani produces yogurt made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients from plants in New Berlin, New York; Twin Falls, Idaho; and South Victoria, Australia. The company uses milk from regional farms. All Chobani products are kosher certified and contain live and active cultures. Products are available nationwide.

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