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Wholesum Kicks Off New Year With A Brand Refresh

Wholesum new logo

As part of a brand refresh, Amado, Arizona-based Wholesum will be phasing in its new packaging, POS and consumer facing brand collateral in the following months. A preview of the new look will be available at the 2019 Global Organic Produce Expo, scheduled Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in Hollywood, Florida.
Wholesum’s core brand identity is defined through its new tagline—“Grown for Good.”

“As our brand evolves, so does our look and feel without compromising our mission. We are growers of healthy, organic produce. Through our responsible methods, we protect the health of our workers, consumers and the environment,” stated Ricardo Crisantes, chief commercial officer of Wholesum.

This brand refresh is also accompanied by a revamped logo. While remaining reminiscent of the old logo, the new one is cleaner and evokes more presence. A capital W now replaces the lowercase w in Wholesum. Fewer design elements were used to create a simpler, yet more powerful image. Apart from removing “Harvest,” the new design has done away with the brown background and replaced the leaves with a simple leaf above the o.

The brand refresh is taking place after some of the most transformative years for Wholesum. In 2017, Wholesum introduced the first Fair Trade certified farm in the U.S. and in 2018 began a new venture as organic berry growers and distributors.

“Wholesum has always been a progressive and evolving entity. This is why we are updating our brand—to be relevant in this fast-paced and growing industry,” Crisantes said.

Wholesum, third generation family-owned and operated farms based in Southern Arizona, are growers and distributors of Fair Trade, organic produce. With over 90 years of farming experience, Wholesum has been dedicated to continuous improvement along the supply chain through responsible sourcing, 20-plus years of organic growing, equitable labor practices and environmental protection.

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