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New ‘Peck Packs’ Pair Boiled Eggs With Crunchy Dips

Peckish Fried Rice Eggs

Peckish, a new brand offering boiled organic free-range eggs, has debuted its marquee products, Peck Packs, now available in the refrigerated snack and dairy sections at select retailers across the country. 

Each pack features two boiled eggs paired with one crunchy dip, offering consumers a whole protein snack or mini meal.

Peckish claims to be the first company in the U.S. to commercialize the “perfect boil.”

“The highly refined cooking method ensures Peckish can achieve a tender white and deliciously creamy, bright orange yolk that is packed with flavor, which is different from the traditional ‘hard-boiled’ egg consumers are used to finding in the marketplace today,” the brand says.

As if mastering the “Perfect Boil” wasn’t enough, the Peckish team has been incredibly intentional in both creating an elevated eating experience for consumers, while sourcing the Peckish Peck Packs are available in five flavors: Salt & Pepitas, Everything, Maple Waffles, Fried Rice, and Rancheros. Each pack is gluten-free and dairy-free, with 12-14g of protein and little to no sugar. The packs offer options for those following Paleo, Keto and Whole30 eating styles.

Peckish is Sonoma Brands’ third incubated concept. Company Founder Jon Sebastiani and his team conduct research into consumer trends and the food industry to identify when a category under-delivers, which led them to delve into ready-to-eat eggs.

“At Sonoma Brands we have a compelling thesis that fresh, refrigerated snacking is the future of better-for-you options. Furthermore, as a nation, we are eating more eggs than ever. In fact, Americans are eating over 274 eggs per year, and that number is on the rise with recent published studies debunking previously held beliefs that eggs weren’t good for you,” said Sebastiani. “Our research showed that consumers perceived hard boiled eggs to be healthy and convenient, but that they underdelivered on taste and eating experience. At Sonoma Brands we saw a lack of innovation in the ready-to-eat egg and fresh protein snack categories and wanted to create a brand, and products, to not only hero the brilliant simplicity of nature’s perfect food, but to elevate the experience.”

VP of Brand Lauren Egan added that “the introduction of the Peckish Peck Pack concept is an exciting new way for consumers to include more fresh, whole food protein options into their diets that are truly satisfying without compromising on nutrition. We believe that Peckish will deliver better optionality for the protein bar consumer, and the greater $18B protein market in the U.S.”

Peckish Peck Packs are sold in all four Erewhon Market locations throughout Southern California, Equinox locations in the Northeast, Whole Foods 365 and Napa Farms Market (San Francisco International Airport) with other refrigerated snacks. Each Peck Pack retails for $3.99.

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