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Mercatus AisleOne Gives Retailers Customer Personalization

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Mercatus, a provider of digital commerce solutions based in Toronto, Ontario, has launched AisleOne, a personalization engine that can integrate into retailers’ marketing emails, apps and e-commerce websites to deliver product recommendations and promotions.

With the ability to automatically tailor content for every shopper across multiple touchpoints, retailers utilizing AisleOne are able to showcase the brands each customer loves and introduce them to new and relevant products, while providing personalized deals and coupons. In addition to helping retailers drive revenue and increase margin, AisleOne bolsters customer loyalty by using smart basket building technology that dives into individual shopper purchase patterns, says Mercatus.

“Retailers understand that personalization is essential to success, but many aren’t sure how to truly achieve this,” said Sylvain Perrier, president and CEO, Mercatus. “We’re excited to offer retailers an easy and effective journey to successful personalization experiences for their customers. With AisleOne, you’re getting a sophisticated ‘suggestion engine’ that taps into data such as purchase history, dietary preferences and household demographics and uses machine-learning algorithms to serve up relevant content to customers on a one-to-one basis.”

AisleOne solves the problem of information overload during an online-shopping experience by curating relevant content and offers for an individual customer. User flows allow shoppers to fill carts, maximizing opportunities for customers to shop for items over and above their standard household list, says Mercatus.

It is entirely retailer branded and can be implemented into an already existing Mercatus powered digital store or as a standalone solution integrated into a digital experience powered by another e-commerce provider. Whether a retailer uses only AisleOne or the whole Mercatus integrated commerce platform, the personalization engine provides tailored content for each and every shopper at the touchpoint of each customer’s choice.

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