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J&J Family Of Farms Makes Four Management Team Promotions

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J&J Family of Farms is making several changes to its key leadership team.

Dick Bowman will become VP of farming and grower development and will lead the management and development of all of J&J’s grower partner relationships.

“Dick, who has been director of farming since 2015, will continue to lead the growth of our farming operations, and develop new farming relationships,” says Lynn Rundle, CEO. “With the importance of supply chain security and behind the strength of our locally grown program, it is a great time to raise the level of farming and grower development in the organization to the level of Vice President.”

Joseph Mathis, who has been a leader in J&J’s food safety division for nine years, will be appointed to the new position of senior grower development manager, reporting directly to Bowman. Mathis will lead the on-the-ground relationships and manage sourcing during the Georgia and summer seasons up the East Coast and manage the supply chain provided by J&J’s grower partners.

Kristen Jones will be promoted to senior food safety manager and will be taking the leadership role with J&J’s Georgia growers and East Coast growers in food safety and social responsibility. Jones will be operating out of the Adel, Georgia, warehouse during the Georgia season.

Doug Kling, managing partner at Kling Strategic Partners, who has been working with the J&J team since August, will play a lead role in business development, value-added packaging sales and strategy. The company’s business development initiatives will be coordinated by a newly formed management team led Kling. The members of this new team will focus on driving and evolving profitable company growth and expansion.

Kling also will assume the senior leadership role of J&J’s Marketing Division.

“We are excited to form an innovative team that will focus on securing new business opportunities and continue exceeding our customers’ expectations,” said Rundle.

J&J Family of Farms is a national supplier. Its family of farms grows on more than 14,000 acres of farmland and operates packing and cooling facilities in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona and Mexico.

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