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Perdue Taps Chicory For Recipe Targeting Strategy

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Perdue recently worked with Chicory to “own dinnertime” across the tech company’s network of more than 1,000 recipe blogs. When shoppers browsed food blogs for meals like Easy Baked Chicken Breasts or Crispy Chicken Thighs, a Perdue ad appeared within that recipe. These ad units were designed to help Perdue align its various products (like breasts, thighs and patties) with recipes that called for each particular cut.

Chicory’s influence extended beyond its network, also prospecting and retargeting consumers who viewed chicken recipes with display ads around the web.

And for the shoppers prepared to purchase as they planned, Chicory made all of its media shoppable with click-to-cart tech, encouraging basket building at online grocery retailers. Recipes on Perdue’s website also were made shoppable, allowing consumers to add every ingredient needed to make a chicken dish into their online carts seamlessly.

Chicory supplemented its e-commerce efforts by measuring the offline impact of the digital media campaign by leveraging the IRI Match Market Testing solution to isolate the impact of the campaign, accounting for competitive and causal variables.

According to Chicory, the results were a $6.88 return on ad spend at brick-and-mortar stores; a 6.1 percent sales lift at a national retailer; and $19,983,641.00 total dollar sales during the IRI analysis period.

“We’re thrilled to prove the value of owning recipe inspiration moments online,” said Chicory CEO Yuni Sameshima. “We have invested in recipes since day one, understanding that this is the number one way consumers build their shopping lists. Working with thought leaders like Perdue cements our core belief that presenting your brand in these moments of inspiration can drive sales for your brand holistically.”

Chicory is a technology company based in New York City that uses artificial intelligence to create digital grocery experiences. In 2014, Chicory launched its core product, the “Get Ingredients” button, which allows consumers to get to online recipe ingredients delivered from various grocers and retailers.

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