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Wild Zora Transitions From Whole Foods To Walmart

Zora Tabin
Zora Tabin

Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods has forced Colorado-based Wild Zora off the healthy grocer’s shelves and into the unlikely arms of Walmart. Walmart’s recent shift toward domestic and healthy food brands is providing Wild Zora the opportunity to sell its flagship Original Meat and Veggie Bars at lower prices to a wider audience, the company says.

“The shelves of Whole Foods have long been the aspiration of emerging brands,” says Wild Zora. “Historically, they have provided support for local companies seeking opportunity and exposure. When Wild Zora’s meat and veggie bars first hit Whole Foods stores in the summer of 2015, the moment was surrounded by a celebratory air of, ‘We’ve made it.’”

But four years later, the family company faced the decision to bear increased fees and promotional costs, without which they were warned their products would be removed from Whole Foods’ shelves.

In 2017, Walmart announced its greater commitment to supporting smaller, local businesses while maintaining the same low prices for which they’re known. As new brands like Wild Zora have continued to appear on Walmart’s shelves in the last year, the retailer is following through on its promise, providing more space for smaller, health-conscious products. 

Wild Zora’s Mediterranean Lamb and BBQ Beef bars joined Walmart’s “Healthy Alternatives” section on Feb. 1 at their lowest retail price yet, alongside several other brands, including Purely Elizabeth, Udi’s and Canyon Bakehouse.

“My vision is to provide as many people as possible with healthy snacks made from organic fruits and veggies and responsibly-sourced meat. I’m really glad that working with Walmart gives us the opportunity to sell our food at a lower price so more people can enjoy them,” said Zora Tabin, one of Wild Zora’s founders.

Wild Zora creates Paleo, gluten-free and allergen-friendly Original Meat and Veggie Bars from responsibly sourced meat mixed with organic veggies and fruit in a USDA-certified kitchen outside of Fort Collins, Colorado.  In 2017, Wild Zora expanded its offerings to dehydrated backpacking meals, soups and instant teas. 

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