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Natural Grocers Brings Cottage Wine And Craft Beer Concept To Oklahoma

Natural Grocer's Cottage Wine and Craft Beer section

Colorado-based organic and natural retailer Natural Grocers soon will expand its Cottage Wine and Craft Beer concept to three stores in Oklahoma.

The new department will offer shoppers a wide selection of specialty alcoholic beverages such as local, organic and gluten-free beer options, organic and biodynamic wine, hard cider and alcoholic kombucha.

Natural Grocers first unveiled the Cottage Wine and Craft Beer concept in Denver in August 2017, and since then has expanded the concept to Oregon.

The Natural Grocers stores that will introduce the concept in Oklahoma are: Norman (Feb. 12); Edmond (Feb. 14); and Tulsa Harvard (Feb. 16).

“From produce to supplements, every product we sell meets rigorous quality standards, and our wine and craft beer selection is no exception,” said Natural Grocers Co-President Kemper Isely. “Our Oklahoma customers can trust that we’ve done our homework to source only the highest-quality craft beer, wine and more to their neighborhood store.”

Natural Grocers is focused on carrying local products in its wine and craft beer section in an effort to showcase producers “committed to maintaining the highest-quality standards and certifications,” the company says.

Natural Grocers will only sell wine that is made with organic grapes, USDA Certified Organic (or equivalent) or certified Demeter Biodynamic. In addition, all wine is non-GMO. Natural Grocers selects its beer, cider and alcoholic kombucha with a focus on organic certification, as well as gluten-free and regional availability. When possible, the company also seeks to expand its selection to include independent craft products from around the U.S.

Natural Grocers operates six stores in Oklahoma, offering 100-percent organic produce; meat humanely raised without antibiotics, hormones or other growth promoters; 100-percent free-range eggs; 100-percent pasture-based dairy; GMO-free prepackaged bulk products; and groceries that don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

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