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Nightfood Wins 2019 Product Of The Year With Best New Ice Cream

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Nightfood Inc. has been named the best new ice cream of 2019 by Kantar, a global company in consumer research. 

In the annual survey of more than 40,000 consumers, Nightfood, based in Tarrytown, New York, won because of the way it solves a problem for people who snack at night. By giving consumers a sleep-friendly option, the company is launching a movement that many experts have predicted will become an important new category in the snack space.

In beating out the other finalists, consumers indicated that Nightfood’s innovation and value proposition made it a clear-cut winner and a brand they were highly motivated to purchase.

“We’re both honored and emboldened to have won 2019 Product of the Year,” said Sean Folkson, Nightfood CEO. “There are over 100,000,000 American consumers eating ice cream at night. Nightfood is the only product specifically formulated as a better choice before bed.”

The national launch begins this month. Nightfood Ice Cream is currently available online at Nightfood.com and soon will be on Amazon. Last week, the company announced its first major retail distribution agreement.

“Nightfood is the first company to launch sleep-friendly foods,” said Dr. Michael Breus, known to millions as The Sleep Doctor, and one of the experts on the Nightfood product development team. “I have been raising caution with people for over a decade about their night time snacking choices and how food impacts sleep quality. Until now, I never had anything to point to that was specifically formulated to solve this problem. Once I joined the product development team at Nightfood, it was clear to me they understood the need for sleep-friendly snacks in every household.”

Nightfood Ice Cream is available in eight flavors: Midnight Chocolate, Cookies n’ Dreams, Cold-Brew Decaf, After-Dinner Mint Chip, Full Moon Vanilla, Milk & Cookie Dough, Cherry Eclipse and Bed and Breakfast. Each features Nightfood’s Cravemonster packaging. The ice cream does not contain any sleep-activating chemicals. It is formulated not to interfere with sleep and to contain known sleep-supporting ingredients.

When developing Nightfood Ice Cream, the company’s team of sleep and nutrition experts made sleep-friendly decisions regarding important recipe details like mineral content, protein sources, fiber, caffeine content, sugars, enzymes, lactose content, amino acids, sodium content and the exclusion of sweeteners such as erythritol along with sucralose and other artificial sweeteners that can lead to digestive discomfort and/or over consumption.

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