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Paper Straw Company Meets Demand For Eco-Friendly Sippers

Green Planet paper straws

As a growing number of businesses and consumers are looking at alternatives to plastic straws for environmental reasons, Stockton, California-based Green Planet Straws is offering eco-friendly paper straws.

Green Planet offers durable, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper straws, and it says it has the supply to meet demand.

“We have plenty of inventory,” said Kevan Johnston, CEO. “We’ll work with every client to guarantee supply throughout the upcoming year.”

Green Planet says its durable paper straws are marine-degradable, compostable and recyclable. Constructed with FSC certified recycled paper, these paper straws are made to last for the full duration of a single beverage enjoyment without growing soggy, collapsing or disintegrating. A Green Planet straw will naturally break down in the waste stream.

The paper straws also are fully customizable. Restaurants and retailers can choose their color and size and can have their company name and logo printed on the straws.

Green Planet Straws is offering retailers who act quickly 10 percent off any pallet order.

“Orders of three or more pallets always ship free,” Johnston said.

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