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Cast Your Vote For IGA’s Top Sales-Building Best Practices

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by the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA)

Did you hear the news? IGA has handpicked 13 IGA Best Practices for their creativity, ability to save money/increase sales and adaptability by fellow retailers. Now it’s up to the industry to vote for the best.

When all the votes are in, the top three will be announced at the IGA Global Rally Awards of Excellence Brunch on Sunday, February 24, and each will take home a $1,000 cash prize for the store.

Vote as many times as you want before midnight, Saturday, Feb. 23, to ensure your choices make the winning the, and be sure to recruit your friends and colleagues to do the same!

Now’s let’s meet some of our finalists…

Take N Pay, Jad Pereira

Expand your selling space with an outdoor Supplier’s Day festival

Wanting to give shoppers access to suppliers’ special offers and new products but lacking extra space in-store, once a year Take N Pay expands into its parking lot, creating a mini food show known as “Supplier’s Day.” The store gives each supplier an outdoor area to promote the products of their choosing, and supplements the fun with face painting, jumping castles and various performers. New shoppers are drawn in for the fun, Take N Pay gets to experiment to see what products should be moved in to the store as regular items, and the store sees a 35 percent increase in sales turnover for the day.

Lake Region IGA, Irene Marks  

Increase your sales capacity and satisfy shopper needs with a text-to-deli program

Located next to a well-known recreational lake, Lake Region IGA gets quite a line of customers grabbing lunch from the deli for their day on the water in the summers. One particularly busy day, a customer suggested on Facebook that the store implement a pre-ordering system. By the end of the day, the store had purchased a laptop and set up a Google Voice text-to-deli program, allowing customers to pre-order their deli items via text for a quick and easy pick-up. With minimal cost to launch and maintain, Lake Region IGA’s text-to-deli program has boosted sales by 11 percent and is very popular with customers.

Ritchies Carrum Downs, Jarrod Swaine (Victoria Australia)        

Mobile popcorn machine drives in-store experience and sales

As shoppers demand healthier snacks, packaged popcorn product sales started jumping at Ritchies Carrum Downs. Taking the trend a step further, Ritches brought in a mobile popcorn machine that allows its to pop and serve fresh popcorn in any department in the store. This low-cost, high-impact practice has served as a fun differentiator that customers love, and increased snacking sales with an added $26,000 a year.

Cornell’s IGA, Kip Faulhaber     

Mix-and-match craft beer offers more variety at a higher margin

Beer sales are up nationally, but with so many new craft beer brands and flavors, many shoppers are overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar options. Cornell’s IGA stocks individual bottles and empty cartons, giving shoppers the options to create a mix-and-match six pack for $10.99. Shoppers love the option to try new craft beers—after just nine weeks, craft beer sales were up nearly 13 percent.

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