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Once Again Nut Butter Aims For Modern Look With New Logo And Packaging

Once Again nut butters

Once Again Nut Butter, an organic nut butter brand in Nunda, New York, has rolled out new designs for its logo and packaging. While staying true to the brand’s authenticity and passion for sustainability, the new contemporary look and is set to boost awareness for the company and increase the product’s “shopability.”

The updated logo, which still showcases mascot Rocky-Roo the Racoon as a symbol of the company’s wholesome nature and responsibility to the earth, now features a bold, black background with white text and a new, clean border. A bright but earthy color palette is designed to grab consumer’s attention, while easy-to-absorb attributes and certifications drive home that Once Again Nut Butter offers healthy, nutritious and sustainably sourced options crafted by employee owners. Other small updates that make a big impact include featuring “non-GMO” and sharing the story of where the racoon came from in black text on a white lid. The jar label also includes information about how the 100 percent employee-owned company originated.

Gael J. B. Orr, marketing-communications and PR manager for the company said, “For over 40 years, we’ve been creating high-quality, simple and delicious nut butters, while paving the way in ethical and sustainable business practices. Our fun-loving family of 86 employees couldn’t be prouder of the nut butters we create and the work we do to ensure food safety and support farmers through our Honest in Trade program. With this rebranding effort, we’re excited to share with more people how our jars are making a difference and help them know that they can be a part of that.”

Founded in 1976 by a husband-and-wife team, the company has grown from a company run out of an 800-s.f. basement into a business that produces millions of pounds of organic and natural nut and seed butters. In 2016, the company expanded into a new SQF Level 3 Certified, 40,000-s.f. facility in rural upstate New York where it produces its peanuts. The company’s tree nuts and seed butters are produced in a separate facility nearby. Product offerings include new Amoré spreads, along with organic and natural peanut, almond, cashew and seed butters, honey and packaged nuts for retail and foodservice customers.

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