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Canbiola Appoints Former NFL Player To Sports Advisory Board

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Canbiola Inc., a Hicksville, New York, developer, manufacturer and seller of a variety of cannabidiol (hemp)-based products, has appointed former NFL player Leonard Marshall Jr. to its sports advisory board. Marshall has been an active voice and supporter for the lives of others.

Canbiola CEO Marco Alfonsi said, “We are honored and thrilled to have partnered with Leonard Marshall to help increase the awareness of the benefits of CBD and our Canbiola products. Leonard is the first of many influencers we expect to add to our sports advisory board as we roll out our consumer-branded CBD Canbiola products, Pure Leaf Oil.”

Marshall stated, “I am proud to partner with Canbiola and endorse their CBD products and solutions to the market. Their team has developed unique CBD products to address tissue healing and chronic pain that I, as an ex-NFL player, use to improve my quality of life. I look forward to increasing the awareness of Canbiola’s products to the mass consumer market.”

Marshall’s NFL career is matched only by his post-football commitment to contribute positively to the lives of others, particularly children and other football players at all levels. In 2017, he received a nomination to the NFL Hall of Fame. As a founder of multiple nonprofits and a volunteer for dozens more, he has made philanthropy and advocacy his post-NFL career. As a chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) survivor, one of Marshall’s passions is serving as a player advocate to ensure that former and current NFL players have access to hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD), a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory.

Marshall, 57, is a former football defensive lineman who played 12 seasons in the NFL. He has been active in several business and entrepreneurial activities since retiring. He also has spent time as a football camp instructor, a football head coach, a student, a professor and a radio broadcaster. In 2013, Marshall was diagnosed with CTE, a degenerative brain disease detected in a growing number of retired NFL players. Marshall has been involved with efforts to spread awareness about the issue.

Canbiola has developed its own line of proprietary products as well as seeking synergistic value through acquisitions in the CBD and the medical cannabis industry. Cannabis is currently federally illegal and has legalized for medical purposes in some form in a limited number of states, but pure CBD products are legal in all 50 states. Hemp CBD is the non-psychoactive component (no THC) used for treatment of pain, inflammation and wellness programs.

Canbiola’s wholly owned subsidiary Pure Health Products, based in Lacey, Washington, is the prime development laboratory and production facility. Canbiola’s Duramed division has recently rolled out a durable medical device via a doctor network to treat patients with injuries via application of an in-home SAM medical device.

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