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Baker Boy Increases Magic Ring Donuts Line To Five Varieties

Magic Ring Donuts

Baked goods manufacturer Baker Boy Inc. has expanded its line of Magic Ring Donuts. With the introduction of Strawberry Cream Cheese and Blueberry Jelly, Baker Boy now offers five flavors of the donuts, which the Dickinson, North Dakota-based company says are the first ring donuts in North America to feature filling in every bite.

Magic Ring Donuts begin with Baker Boy’s pre-fried yeast-raised ring donuts, which are then filled with jellies or crèmes by a pin injection system exclusive to Baker Boy.

All five flavors are available in 60-ct. cases and are delivered to operators frozen and ready to customize as desired. The Magic Ring Donuts are sold primarily through foodservice, grocery and convenience store distributors.

“We’re very proud to be the only company making donuts like this in North America,” Baker Boy President Guy Moos said. “Immediately after the launch of our first Magic Ring Donuts, we began hearing from consumers who raved about their taste and uniqueness. But they also were quick to ask when we’d be coming out with more flavors. As the Magic Ring Donuts continue to gain momentum, we’re excited to give our customers even more options to sell into the marketplace.”

Magic Ring Donuts now are available in five flavors: the single-flavor Raspberry Jelly, Blueberry Jelly and Bavarian Crème, a dual-injected Chocolate & Bavarian Crème, and a Strawberry Cream Cheese, which is injected with both strawberry jelly and cream cheese filling.

Baker Boy plans to introduce fully finished Magic Ring Donuts in the fall of 2019. That launch will coincide with a large-scale investment into the renovation and modernization of its donut automation system.

“Baker Boy has been making delicious donuts since my father, Marvin Moos, opened a storefront bakery in 1955,” Moos said. “Now we want everyone in the country to be able to taste what the great folks in the Midwest have known for years—there’s nothing better than a Baker Boy donut.”

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