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Highland Park Market Transforms Into Intelligent Buildings

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Highland Park Market is working with JouleSmart Solutions to transform its grocery stores into intelligent buildings.  

JouleSmart has modernized the market’s Susfield and Glastonbury, Connecticut, locations with Integrated Intelligence Gateway (IIG), a system that provides remote facility oversight and active, real-time optimization of comfort, indoor air quality and energy usage. JouleSmart will turn the markets into intelligent buildings with modernized and upgraded lighting.

JouleSmart’s assessment included HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and kitchen ventilation equipment, maintenance strategies and the building’s potential to participate in revenue-producing Smart Grid programs. The company installed the IIG, which is custom configured to the specific needs of the building. The IIG is continuously connected to JouleSmart’s proprietary, cloud-based system, providing real-time ActiveOversight.

The result provided the building owner with improvements in operating performance and significant reductions in energy use. JouleSmart’s solution has reduced some of the largest operating costs by more than 30 percent.

Highland Park Market is a family-owned and -operated chain of retail grocery stores serving communities in central Connecticut.

Based in Portland, Oregon, JouleSmart is a cloud-based technology platform that transforms small- to mid-sized businesses’ underperforming buildings into intelligent, productive, efficient and comfortable places of business. At the heart of JouleSmart’s Solution is the IIG, a proprietary software and hardware platform.

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