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Bailey Produce Is Partnering With DiSa To Track Organic Bananas

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Arkansas-based Bailey Produce, which delivers organic produce around the globe, recently partnered with Disa Digital Safety (USA) to equip its bananas with DiSa’s FreshCounts Smart Barcode technology. 

This technology allows them to digitally track each individual bunch of bananas from the farm to the consumer. This will reduce spoilage by monitoring sales along with expiration dates and keep consumers safe by blocking the sale at the register if the item is recalled.

“We are excited to partner with DiSa to gain greater visibility to our entire supply chain from farm to customer and keep consumers safe with greater protection from recalls,” said Brendan Hayes, Bailey Produce. 

This will be the first solution with a national retailer that allows digital tracking through the supply chain to the individual item at store and consumer level. The solution is still in testing. Product launch is expected within the next few months.

This adoption of DiSa’s FreshCounts Smart Barcode technology is not expected to have any material impact on the net tangible assets or earnings per share of the group for the current financial year ending June 30.

Disa Digital Safety (USA), an ultimately wholly-owned subsidiary of DISA Limited, provides digital asset protection with the PoSA Solution.

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