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Kroger Features Inspiring Stories To Celebrate Women’s History Month

Kroger Women's History Month

Cincinnati, Ohio-based Kroger is celebrating Women’s History Month by telling the stories of inspiring women who work with the company, its communities and the companies it supports.

More than half of Kroger’s workforce are women. The company will feature a story about an inspiring woman on its website every Monday in March.

Kroger also supports nearly 500 women-owned businesses nationwide. The company is recognized by the Billion Dollar Roundtable for reaching more than $1 billion spent with women and minority-owned suppliers. It is hosting a Supplier Inclusion Innovation Summit later this spring in Cincinnati, presenting the opportunity for women- and minority-owned emerging brands, businesses and startups to engage and pitch their products and services to Kroger buyers, category managers and leaders.

“Kroger believes in supporting women in our business and where we do business,” said Stuart Aitken, executive sponsor of Women’s EDGE (associate resource group) and SVP of alternative business. “Kroger invests in women’s success and advancement every day. We employ more than 250,000 women and partner with a growing number of nearly 500 women-owned businesses in the U.S. Kroger also sources products that are Fair Trade Certified as part of our Simple Truth brand, supporting women-owned cooperatives and businesses internationally.”

Throughout Women’s History Month, Kroger is highlighting the impact and influence women have across its business through celebratory events and empowering women by telling the stories of inspiring women on its website.

“I’m passionate about identifying, developing and advancing talent across our dynamic organization. I also admire and appreciate all the women who are leading positive change in our business and society,” said Lanell Ohlinger, VP of talent development. “My 19-year career with Kroger is an illustration that we are a company that supports the development of women, whether you’re pursuing a STEM, retail, corporate, human resources, manufacturing or logistics profession. At Kroger, you can have a career with promise.”

Members of the Kroger’s Our Brands team traveled with Fair Trade partners in February to Africa to spend time at the Sorwathe Tea Estate in Rwanda, where the retailer sources its Simple Truth Organic Chai and Simple Truth Earl Grey Black Tea.



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