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SpartanNash Launches Clean Ingredient Initiative In Its Private Brands

SpartanNash Clean Ingredient Initiative

SpartanNash has launched a Clean Ingredient Initiative for the company’s exclusive Our Family and Open Acres private brands. The initiative will focus on providing products with reduced ingredient lists and easy-to-read labels.

More than 425 Our Family and Open Acres products have been reformulated or their packaging has been redesigned since 2018. The reformulations included removing synthetic colors, MSG and other ingredients. Another 175 products will be added to the Clean Ingredient Initiative in 2019.SpartanNash Molly Yeh

“Consumer preferences are changing, and our store guests are looking for healthier food options, clean labels and ‘free from’ formats when shopping at their local grocery store or putting food on the table,” said John Paul, SpartanNash VP, private brands. “OurClean Ingredient Initiative provides them with exactly that, all while giving them the quality, budget-friendly savings and great taste they’re used to with Our Family and Open Acres products.”

To make it easier for customers to quickly identify Our Family and Open Acres products that have undergone reformulation or packaging redesigns as part of theClean Ingredient Initiative, products now feature labels with key attributes listed on the front of the packaging.

For the Our Family brand—which includes more than 1,700 products—clean labels are highlighted with leaf icons. For Open Acres—SpartanNash’s private brand for fresh foods—a circular swoosh is used.

“The icon system on Our Family and Open Acres packaging is designed to draw our store guests’ attention to the highlights of each product, calling out fat free, gluten free, non-GMO and other key product attributes,” Paul said. “Through the Clean Ingredient Initiative, we’ve made it easier than ever to identify the private brand products that fit our customers’ healthier lifestyles, so they can make quick, informed decisions at the shelf.”

To promote the Clean Ingredient Initiative in 2019, Our Family spokesperson Molly Yeh will highlight products that have undergone reformulations, such as yogurt, mac and cheese and ice cream, tying into in-store and online promotions. Yeh is an award-winning cookbook author and star of Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm.

SpartanNash is a Fortune 400 company whose core businesses include distributing grocery products to independent and chain retailers, its corporate-owned retail stores and U.S. military commissaries and exchanges; as well as premier fresh produce distribution and fresh food processing. SpartanNash serves customer locations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahrain, Djibouti and Egypt. SpartanNash currently operates 159 supermarkets, primarily under the banners of Family Fare Supermarkets, Martin’s Super Markets, D&W Fresh Market, VG’s Grocery, Dan’s Supermarket and Family Fresh Market.

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