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Yasso Targets Kids With Frozen Yogurt Bars Called Snack Buddies


Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt has rolled out Snack Buddies, a new line of 45- to 50-calorie frozen Greek yogurt bars that are in a “snackable” format.

“As we did back in 2011 when we launched Yasso, we again identified an opportunity in the category to meet consumers’ needs. The current novelty options available and marketed towards kids are largely water-based, packed with sugar and filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners,” said Amanda Klane, Yasso co-founder and co-CEO of the Quincy, Massachusetts-based company. “Snack Buddies exists to fill that void and deliver an option for parents seeking healthier snacks for their children that can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

Snack Buddies have no high-fructose corn syrup or high-intensity sweeteners and are available in four varieties (eight bars per box):

  • Mint Cookie Chums: Mint chocolate-flavored frozen Greek yogurt with chocolate cookie pieces.
  • Strawbuddy Lemonade: Strawberry lemonade Greek yogurt.
  • Fudge Space Chip: Chocolate fudge frozen Greek yogurt with chocolate chips.
  • Party Animal: Cake-flavored frozen Greek yogurt with rainbow sprinkles.

“No one knows snack time better than we do,” said Drew Harrington, Yasso co-founder and co-CEO. “Amanda and I met in our kindergarten classroom during snack time and that friendship throughout the years ultimately led us to launch Yasso. We know when a snack delivers on great taste and nutrition, it deserves to be celebrated and shared. That’s the promise of Snack Buddies—from the unique product, to the fun packaging, to the exciting digital engagement with fans.”

In celebration of the launch, Yasso is having a contest to invent a new flavor. Contest instructions can be found on the Snack Buddies wrappers. Snack-size fans are encouraged to draw their own pair of Snack Buddies and invent a new flavor. Entries can be submitted on any social channel with the hashtag #YassoSnackBuddies.

Founded 2011, Yasso currently offers 18 flavors of stick bars and nine new pints as well as Snack Buddies, all of which can be found at major grocery and club stores nationwide.

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