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Buehler’s Fresh Foods Opens Massillon Liquor Agency

Line of wine bottles.

Buehler’s Fresh Foods in Massillon, Ohio, opened Massillon Liquor Agency adjacent to the supermarket on April 4. The Massillon Liquor Agency will be the first store in Ohio to fully implement the new Ohio Liquor OHLQ brand developed by the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control. The OHLQ brand is a system of core design elements that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that was chosen to replace the generic “State Liquor” branding that now is used in most Ohio agencies.

“We find the Ohio Division of Liquor Control to be a terrific partner and are very impressed with their vision and execution,” said Buehler’s Fresh Foods President and CEO Dan Shanahan. “Under Jim Canepa’s leadership, the division is fixing problems, branding for the future and growing again. We are happy to be part of it.”

Ron James, Buehler’s director of beer, wine and liquor, added, “We are proud to offer our customers the convenience of one-stop shopping and have strived to respect customers’ considerations by offering two entrances into the agency—one from inside the Buehler store and another directly from the parking lot.”

“While the look is a big focus of the brand, it’s also about the feel,” said Lindsey Leberth, brand manager for the Ohio Department of Commerce. “We want consumers to feel supported in their shopping experiences with educated and helpful staff willing to assist. We’re adding a level of sophistication to our locations.”

Buehler’s Massillon has a strong beer and wine offering with more than 500 beers and 1,000 wines available daily. There is a 10 percent discount on wine case purchases and liquor agency customers may use their credit or debit cards.

“The Massillon Team is excited to bring this opportunity to our store. We look forward to introducing a new service and meeting new customers,” said Ben Sigler, store manager. 

Buehler’s Fresh Foods is an employee-owned company that operates 13 supermarkets in Wooster (2), Orrville, Wadsworth, Medina (2), Ashland, New Philadelphia, Dover, Jackson Township (Canton), Coshocton and Portage Lakes (Green) as well as Massillon, Ohio.

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