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RECOMMENDED: Brad Paisley Breaks Ground On Free Grocery Store In Nashville

The Store, Brad Paisley

Country star Brad Paisley grabbed his cowboy hat-shaped construction helmet and broke ground on a new nonprofit store on Wednesday. Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, are opening a free grocery store in Nashville, CBS affiliate WTVF-TV reports. The supermarket will be called “The Store” and it will be located at Paisley’s alma mater, Belmont University.

“As you can imagine where you place this [store] is important and right at this age of where gentrification is happening,” Paisley said at the ground-breaking ceremony. “There’s people being squeezed out a little bit in this area. It’s just the perfect place.”

The Store will be next to the Belmont Ministry Center, and Paisley noted it’s close to a bus stop, so it will be easy to access. College students will volunteer as store employees.

“You don’t learn necessarily things in a textbook,” Paisley said.”You can read statistics on hunger or you can read everything about this subject and never necessarily have it hit you in the heart like watching someone walk through this service — which is hopefully what’s going to happen as a student is volunteering here”…

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