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Giant Eagle Using Autonomous Solution To Take Digital Inventory

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Giant Eagle unveiled a pilot program with Simbe Robotics to deploy Tally, the autonomous, shelf-auditing and inventory analytics solution, in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Akron areas. Tally is ensuring products are on shelves when and where customers expect them to be, allowing store associates to focus on customers. 

In the pilot program, Tally sends detailed data reports to store teams every 30 minutes that capture, report and analyze the state and availability of merchandise.Simbe Robotics logo

Tally has the ability to audit shelves with near-perfect accuracy. It requires no infrastructure changes to the store and operates safely during normal store hours alongside shoppers and employees. Tally works in concert with retail store associates by empowering them with timely information to ensure products are always stocked, in the right place and correctly priced. The robot scans entire stores up to three times per day and autonomously returns to its dock, allowing for continuous operation. Combined with Tally’s cloud-powered software platform and API, Giant Eagle has information and insight into the state of its stores.

“When it comes to the food retail industry, shopper experience is everything,” said Giant Eagle spokesperson Jannah Jablonowski. “If a product is unavailable at the time our customer wants to buy it, we’ve missed an opportunity and disappointed our customer.”

“Giant Eagle is investing in cutting-edge inventory solutions to ensure the products customers want are where they expect them to be,” said Simbe CEO and Co-founder Brad Bogolea. “With Tally, Giant Eagle can leverage actionable data about what’s happening on shelves. Tally’s insights add immense value to Giant Eagle customers by improving their overall in-store experience, and to store teams by empowering them with frequent, accurate inventory information.”

Giant Eagle Inc. is a food retailer and distributor. Founded in 1931, the company has grown to be a leading supermarket retailer in the region with more than 460 stores throughout western Pennsylvania, north central Ohio, northern West Virginia, Maryland and Indiana.

Simbe Robotics offers automation solutions that give retailers visibility and insight into the state of the store environments, while improving inventory and operational challenges. Simbe is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco, California, and works with major worldwide retailers and brands across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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