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Rethinking The Core Purpose Of Deli

deli needs rethinking

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Tyson Deli

How would experts from recognized brands such as Nike, Disney, United Airlines and Farmer’s Fridge reinvent deli? Tyson Foods recently invited executives well known for their creative skills to an innovative workshop in Chicago. After visiting several grocery delis where they reviewed new trends and traditional offerings, they all agreed that deli is a mixed bag of experiences.

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing-deli at Tyson Foods Inc., “This was a unique opportunity to see our department through the eyes of senior executives and innovative experts from outside our industry. These leading brand titans are well known for developing visionary ideas, forging unique engagements and delivering creative solutions for their respective customers. When we asked for their feedback on deli’s challenges, opportunities and approaches, they validated what we’ve been saying all along: that deli does little to meet shoppers’ needs.”

Common observations

Deli-Tyson FoodsThe experts found the value of shopping for prepared foods in a grocery store isn’t very clear.

Improving the shopping experience

The innovators said it’s time to rethink the core purpose of deli with quick fixes and solutions based on occasion, time of day and lifestyle. They recommended seeking different solutions for different missions by customizing the shopping experience. They also suggested improving communication through digital engagement and personalizing the connection with consumers.


Follow along next month as this three-part series continues, discussing world-class industry leaders from outside of deli and their solutions for deli’s common pain points. Find out more at

Source: Tyson Foods, Vision Project, 2018

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