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New Flavor Peatos Introduced At Natural Products Expo West

Dan Cady World Peas new flavor
Dan Cady Creative director, World Peas

Los Angeles-based World Peas, which has been in business for a year now, unveiled its new ranch flavor Peatos at the Natural Products Expo West, held March 6-9 in Anaheim, California.

“It’s kind of our big coming out; we are raising the stakes and premiering some new flavors,” said Dan Cady, World Peas creative director.

Peatos RanchCady said the company’s goal is to create a healthy, crunchy, puffed snack using ingredients like peas, fava beans and lentils.

“Our mission is to take all of the junk out of junk food and make it better for you. So, traditionally junk food is made with corn, potatoes, starches, etc. We take all of that filler out and put some substantial peas, favas and lentils in, which makes our products higher in fiber, higher in plant protein, the whole shebang in terms of a better-for-you snack.”

“We think that there’s enough room at the table for everybody,” he said of the competition in the snack category. “We just want to create a better snack that people can feel better about eating.”

Peatos only uses natural flavors that get pulled straight from fruits, vegetables, or plants—not artificial flavors made in a lab. The flavors in Peatos come from real food ingredients. In addition to the new ranch flavor, Peatos are available in classic cheese, fiery hot, chili cheese and masala.

World Peas products are distributed nationwide through Kroger-owned stores.

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