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Shuman Farms CEO Says Vidalia Onion Quality Looking Good

Shuman Farms

On April 16, John Shuman, president and CEO of Shuman Farms, released an update on the farm’s 2019 Vidalia Onion crop. 

With its headquarters in the heart of the Vidalia growing region in southeast Georgia, family-owned Shuman Farms have been growing sweet onions for more than 30 years. What started as a small family farm in Reidsville, Georgia, Shuman Farms has become a leading grower and shipper of sweet onions year-round.

“As we begin harvesting, we’re cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Vidalia season,” Shuman said. “Although yields are lower than previous years, quality looks good at this point.”

“We’ve been saying that the front-end of the crop looks better than the back-end, and that certainly seems to be the case at this time. Our caution comes from recognizing the fact that as an industry, Vidalia starts the season 17 percent down in total acreage. Combine this with a national onion shortage, and our hope for good supplies this summer hinge on Vidalia’s late-season yields.

“With industry concerns about the late crop coming from several key factors, it’s a wait-and-see attitude right now. It has been my experience, that any shortage of Vidalia supply will be felt more so during the summer storage season and not so much in May. With this in mind, we are keeping a close eye on our late season varieties to see how the summer storage season will unfold,” he continued.

“The market remains steady and demand continues to be good. Shuman Farms began shipping USA Georgia grown sweet onions this week with plans to transition to Vidalia Sweet Onions this Monday, April 22.”

Shuman Farms sweet onions are harvested by hand and moved to state-of-the-art packing facilities where they are dried, cleaned, sorted and graded for shipping.

Vidalia sweet onions are available mid-April to late August. To ensure customers get the best-tasting, highest-quality sweet onions throughout the year, Shuman Farms has growing ventures in Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Peru and Mexico.

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