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Acqua Smeraldina Water Lauded For Taste At Competition


Acqua Smeraldina has been named the Best Tasting Water in the World at the 29th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Competition, the first time the company ever participated in the competition.

Acqua Smeraldina was awarded the gold medal for the best bottled non-carbonated bottled water category.

“We are truly honored to earn this prestigious award and thrilled for more people to experience Acqua Smeraldina,” said Giuseppe Pinna, VP of Smeraldina Corp. USA. “Our water comes directly from a mountain considered sacred by the ancient people in Sardinia straight to the bottle for a light and pleasant taste.”

Bottled from a single source, Monti di Deu, or Mountain of God, on the island of Sardina, Italy, the natural artesian water beat out more than 110 entries. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is far from industrial pollutants and nicknamed “the land of centenarians” for the record number of residents who are more than 100 years old. Available in sparkling or still, Smeraldina water is naturally filtered by the most ancient granites on earth, dating back 290 million years.

The water originates 300 meters deep within the mountain where the purest and compact granite filters and enriches Smeraldina water through a long natural process.

The independent, family-owned company has been distributing natural artesian waters in the United States for more than 12 years but entered the largest and longest-running water tasting competition in the world for the first time this year. Acqua Smeraldina competed against more than 110 entries from five continents.

Founded in 1985 and distributed in the U.S. for the past 12 years, the family-owned artesian mineral water company provides consumers with low mineral content, bacteriologically pure drinking water. Smeraldina’s innovative technology performs over 100 daily checks of the water as it flows from the source ensuring features of the water are always the same. Smeraldina is distributed worldwide to foodservice and retail operations offering glass bottled, PET product and private label lines of products.

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