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BrandSpark Reveals Its List Of Most Trusted Consumer Brands

BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 04:18 pm

Market research firm BrandSpark International has revealed the winners of the 2019 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards.

The winners are the result of a nationwide survey of consumer trust in the U.S., compiling opinions and insight from more than 12,800 Americans. Voters provided 61,000 opinions to identify which brands Americans trust most in 118 categories in which consumers are regularly faced with purchase decisions, including 75 newly-measured ones.

Now in its 6th year, the research-based awards program determines winners exclusively by the unaided responses of shoppers. Winning brands can be identified by the purple BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards (BMTA)  seal.

“With just one in two shoppers loyal to recognizable name brands, marketers must remind shoppers of the trust and value of their brand in order to retain that loyalty,” said Robert Levy, president and CEO of BrandSpark International. “The Most Trusted Award seal allows brands to clearly communicate the significant trust and connection they have fostered with shoppers over time.”

A poll of an independent panel of American shoppers showed that the BrandSpark Most Trusted seal positively impacts purchases in categories as diverse as beauty, household care, over-the-counter health, appliances & home goods, and services. The independent panel also revealed that if consumers saw the BMTA logo tied to a brand they had not purchased before, seven in ten would be encouraged to try it.

When the BMTA logo was featured next to winning brands on a popular shopping app in a real-market test, the logo increased purchase conversion by an average of 6-15 percent.

“In addition to many new categories, this is the first year that parents have been specifically surveyed about the Baby and Kids brands they trust the most, creating a valuable new resource for parents,” said Adam Bellisario, program director of the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards.

“In order to establish trust, the top brands repeatedly meet consumer expectations with great product and service experiences. The best of these brands are able to build on that foundation of trust and create meaningful innovation while maintaining strong value and consistent quality,” Levy said. “Reinforcing consumer trust is especially critical today, when consumers have more choices available than ever before.”

Leading brands such as Eggland’s Best use the BMTA seal in their PR and marketing campaigns.

“Eggland’s Best is very proud to be recognized as America’s Most Trusted egg brand—for five years in a row! We let consumers know by including the BrandSpark Most Trusted purple logo on millions of our egg cartons nationally,” said David Holdsworth, VP of marketing at Eggland’s Best.


BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards 2019 winners:

CATEGORY                                               WINNER

Artisan Flatbread                                  Stone Fire
Eggs                                                         Eggland’s Best
Food Bags                                               Ziploc
Food Containers                                    Rubbermaid
Frozen Fish                                             Gorton’s Seafood
Jerky                                                        Jack Link’s
Plastic Food Wrap                                 Glad
Private Label Food Brand                   Great Value (Walmart)
Vegetable-based Buttery Spread        Country Crock

Health & Beauty
Anti-Aging Skin Care                           Olay
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo                     Head & Shoulders
Back Pain Relief                                    Aleve
Denture Adhesive                                 Fixodent
Denture Cleanser                                 Polident
Dry Lip Relief                                       ChapStick
Eczema Relief                                       Aveeno
Hair Regrowth                                      Rogaine
Hair Removal                                       Nair
Joint Care Supplement                      Osteo Bi-Flex
Laxative                                                MiraLAX
Liners/Pads                                         Always
Lip Color                                              Revlon
Men’s Shaving                                     Gillette
Men’s Skin Care                                  Dove Men+Care
Micellar water                                     Garnier
Nasal Spray                                         Flonase
Natural Cosmetics                              Burt’s Bees
Natural Skin Care                               Aveeno
Pregnancy Test                                    First Response
Probiotic Supplement                        Culturelle
Scar & Stretchmark Reduction       Mederma
Tampons                                              Tampax
Teeth Whitening                                 Crest
Woman’s Hair Color                          Clairol | L’Oréal (tie)
Women’s Shaving                              Gillette
Yeast Infection Medication              Monistat

Baby & Kids (Voted By Parents)

Baby Bottle                                           Dr. Brown’s
Baby Eczema Relief                            Aveeno
Baby Food (Puree)                              Gerber
Baby Formula                                       Enfamil
Baby Laundry Detergent                    Dreft
Baby Lotion                                          Johnson’s Baby
Baby Monitor                                       Motorola | V Tech (tie)
Baby Wash/Shampoo                         Johnson’s Baby
Breast Pump                                         Medela
Car Seat                                                 Graco
Children’s Thermometer                   Braun
Children’s Toothpaste                        Crest
Children’s Vitamin                             Flintstones
Diaper Rash Cream                            Desitin
Diapers                                                  Pampers
Natural Baby Care Products            The Honest Company
Nursing Pad                                        Lansinoh
Stroller                                                 Graco
Training Pants                                     Huggies Pull Ups

Home Goods

Air Purifier                                       Dyson | Honeywell (tie)
Bakeware                                          Pyrex
Barbecue/Grill                                 Weber
Blender                                              Ninja
Blood Pressure Monitor                Omron
Blood Sugar Monitor                     OneTouch
Camera                                             Canon
Cookware                                        Calphalon
Dehumidifier                                  Frigidaire
Dishwasher                                    Whirlpool
Furnace Air Filter                           Filtrete
Humidifier                                      Vicks
Kitchen Knives                              Zwilling J.A. Henckels
Laptop                                               HP
Lawn Mower                                 John Deere
Mattress in a box                          Casper | Sealy | Serta (tie)
Microwave Oven                          GE
Oven/Range                                 GE
Power tools                                  DeWalt
Printer                                            HP
Refrigerator                                 Whirlpool
Single Serve Coffee Maker        Keurig
Smart Television                        Samsung
Smart Thermostat                     Nest
Vacuum                                       Shark
Washer/Dryer                            Maytag | Whirlpool (tie)


Bath & Shower Cleaner            Scrubbing Bubbles
Bathroom Tissue                       Charmin
Cat Litter                                      Purina
Dishwasher Detergent              Cascade
Drain Cleaner                             Drano
Dryer Sheets                               Bounce
Fabric Softener                          Downy
Flea & Tick Prevention            Bayer | Frontline (tie)
Floor Cleaner                             Swiffer
Glass Cleaner                             Windex
Insect Control                            Raid
Insect Repellant                       OFF!
Laundry Detergent                   Tide
Laundry Detergent for Delicate Fabrics Woolite
Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin Tide
Laundry Stain Remover         Shout
Multi-purpose Cleaner           Lysol
Paint                                           Behr
Shoe/Boot Polish                     Kiwi
Toilet Bowl Cleaner               Lysol
Wood Surface Care                Pledge


Auto Insurance                         State Farm
Car Rentals                                Enterprise
Courier Service                         Fedex | UPS (tie)
Gas Station                                Shell
Home Alarm Service               ADT
Home Insurance                     State Farm
Internet Service                      Comcast | Spectrum (tie)
Life Insurance                         MetLife | State Farm (tie)
Mobile Telecom Service        Verizon
Online Automobile Classifieds Auto Trader
Online Event Ticket Sales      Ticketmaster
Online Flight Booking            Expedia
Online Health Information   Web MD
Online Hotel Booking            Expedia
Real Estate Services               RE/MAX
Weight Loss Program            Weight Watchers

How winners are determined

More than 12,800 American shoppers determined the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winners for 2019 through their unaided responses for categories in which they shop. The results are ranked based on the greatest volume of mentions and ties are declared if the margin of victory is within two percent. BrandSpark also gathers insights regarding the drivers of trust and brand trust dynamics across the categories studied, along with tens of thousands of consumer testimonials.

Founded in 2001, BrandSpark International combines real-world consumer insight with marketing credentials and services.


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