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Northgate Gonzalez Market Launches ‘What A Feeling’ Campaign

Northgate Gonzalez Market

Northgate González Market unveiled a new multimedia campaign during the Latin Billboard Awards show in late April, featuring the grocery store’s authentic food, ingredients and fresh offerings.

“We recognize that our customers are not all the same, each customer has a different shopping mission and each customer has their own passion points and stories, we recognize that there is a story behind every visit to our stores,” said Caro D’Antuono, VP of marketing for Northgate, which is based in Anaheim.

This was the inspiration and cultural insight used to create the “What a Feeling” advertising campaign, according to the grocer. The commercials feature Irene Cara’s “What a Feeling” song from the 1983 motion picture “Flashdance,” with lyrics rewritten to reflect the emotions being felt by the characters in the commercials.

The creative campaign developed by Circus, based in Santa Monica, has several components from digital video ads, social media, radio and television.

The Latin Billboard Awards were April 26. The day after the show, Billboard reported the 2019 Latin Music Awards saw an 11 percent increase in viewership over the 2018 awards.  Billboard cited Nielsen ratings that placed the show’s broadcaster, Telemundo, at number one in Spanish-language prime time programming.

Founded in 1980, Northgate González Market is an authentic, family-owned and operated Hispanic supermarket chain with 40 stores in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. It also operates the González Reynoso Family Foundation, providing scholarships and assisting families in need.

Circus is a multicultural and integrated agency that partners with its clients to develop effective communication with high impact creativity. Among its clients are Netflix, Spotify, WeWork, Uber, eBay, Twitter, Shure, DC Shoes, Barcel USA, Telemundo and Google.

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