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La Brea Bakery Creates Founders Breads For 30th Anniversary Celebration

La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery will be launching new breads in celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary.

The new bread line, called La Brea Bakery Founders, was created by Nancy Silverton in collaboration with long-time baking partner Jonathan Davis, La Brea Bakery’s SVP of innovation.

Silverton and Davis spent months experimenting with recipes and ingredients before finalizing the three breads that will be on shelves and available at the La Brea Bakery Café later this month.

“When opening La Brea Bakery my goal was simple. I wanted to make beautiful and delicious breads, which was something of a novelty in Los Angeles in 1989,” Silverton said. “That same guiding principle has been the driving force behind the creation of La Brea Bakery Founders breads, 30 years later. These new breads pay homage to our past, while looking ahead to our future.”

La Brea Bakery Founders breads will be made using Silverton’s original sourdough starter and the new loaves will incorporate contemporary ingredients and flavor profiles paired with the brand’s old-world baking techniques. La Brea Bakery Founders breads will feature sprouted grains, dusted varieties and seeded loaves made using whole grains.

Research and education, specifically around the health benefits of sourdough and breads baked with whole grains, has helped pave the way for bakeries like La Brea Bakery to experiment when it comes to developing new options for consumers.

The breads in La Brea Bakery Founders portfolio include Pain Levain, Sprouted Multigrain and Seed, and Country Wheat Batard.

“I’m excited to once again be working alongside Nancy to develop these new breads, 30 years after she first opened the bakery,” said Davis. “Creating La Brea Bakery Founders breads together has been a wonderful experience because we share such a passion for baking good bread and have similar interests in the ingredients we use and the flavors we want to taste. I’m really looking forward to consumers having the opportunity to try the new breads.”

La Brea Bakery Founders breads will be sold nationwide at select grocery stores this fall.



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