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130-Plus Stores In Appalachia Add Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

Custard Stand
Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili was featured on Shark Tank in 2016, but did not get a deal. The company is expanding its line into more than 130 stores in Appalachia. Photo credit: @ABCTyler-Golden

Shoppers now can purchase Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili in 125 Food City stores and six Super Dollar Food Center stores in eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, northern Georgia and southwest Virginia.

The rollout began Sunday, April 28, and should be in all stores soon. Food City and Super Dollar shoppers should look for the 100 percent beef chili near the wieners in the refrigerated food section.Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

“This deal will make Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili available to folks in more cities and towns in Appalachia, a region we proudly call our home,” said owner Angie Cowger. “We get so excited about this type of expansion because Food City is rolling us out in all of its stores—not just a segment of them—so our shoppers will be able to find Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili in every Food City. And we are super excited to be expanding into Georgia!”

To celebrate, the first person in each state to post a photo of themselves with Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili and include the hashtag #CustardStandChili and the location to Facebook or Instagram will receive a free T-shirt or hat.

Made in the heart of West Virginia, the family recipe features a secret blend of spices and quality ingredients. Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili is free of trans-fats, gluten and fillers. There are no additional additives and preservatives. It’s microwaveable or can simmer on the stove or a grill.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili is available in more than 2,500 stores east of the Mississippi. Retailers include Kroger, Walmart, Sam’s Club, IGA and independent retailers.

Custard Stand Chili owners Dee and Angie Cowger pitched the billionaires on Shark Tank in 2016. While they didn’t get a deal, they said the experience and exposure were priceless. Mark Cuban called them living proof of the American dream.

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