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Granny Squibb Iced Tea Launches New Ready-To-Drink Cans

Granny Squibb's RTD iced tea

Granny Squibb Co. is launching ready-to-drink (RTD) cans available in three flavors in time for National Iced Tea Month in June. Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, Granny Squibb’s Organic Iced Tea now will be available in a new RTD can format.

The cans will be available to consumers beginning in June and will make a debut as the “official iced tea” at the Newport Folk Festival this summer.Granny Squibb's logo

The three flavors in 12-oz. cans include:

  • Sally’s Lemon (sweetened and unsweetened): Formulated from the original recipe with organic lemon juice, organic black tea and mint.
  • Charlie’s Cranberry (sweetened): A New England taste made with organic cranberry and lime juice, organic black tea and mint.

“We know our consumers like to be on-the-go whether on their boats, at the beach, hiking, golfing or attending their favorite festival. Having our organic iced tea in a RTD can will allow them to enjoy Granny Squibb’s wherever they want with ease,” said Jamie Schapiro, CEO.

As the official iced tea at the Newport Folk Festival in July, the tea will debut the cans to 30,000 attendees. Festival-goers can find the cans at the company’s mobile pop-up experience inside the festival or at any beverage vendors throughout the festival grounds.

“We are looking forward to having The Granny Squibb Co. join the fun at the Fort,” said Jay Sweet, executive producer of the Newport Folk Festival. “When we look for new partners to enhance the experience of the festival, it’s important to us that they embody the same values and authenticity of our community. Granny Squibb’s does just that with their delicious, Rhode Island iced tea.”

“Just as the festival has been a New England staple for 60 years, so has Granny Squibb’s iced tea recipe,” said Schapiro. “We’re excited that our new RTD cans will allow us to bring Granny Squibb’s to new locations like the Newport Folk Festival. Plus, launching the cans during National Iced Tea Month is the perfect way to honor the history of iced tea and Granny Squibb’s story.”

Iced tea has long been a New England favorite with popularity dating back to the 1904 World’s Fair. It was just shortly after that in the 1930s that Sally Squibb made her first batch of iced tea, overlooking Narragansett Bay in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. Her original recipe has remained largely unchanged for more than 90 years.

In 2009, Robin Squibb brought her grandmother’s iced tea to market, which is sold in grocery retailers throughout New England. 

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