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New California Prunes Brand Introduced To Promote Prunes

California Prunes

California Prunes’ has a new brand, designed to promote the prunes grown in world-famous growing conditions with generations of expertise among growers and handlers, a perfected drying system and the highest quality agricultural standards of any other nation.

“The world comes to California for prunes, and we take that seriously,” said Donn Zea, executive director, California Prune Board. “California is the most reliable and consistent source in the industry for quality, size and taste.”California Prunes

The California Prunes brand’s new logo design transforms a statement of origin into a reflection of market leadership and a dual message emerges through the tagline: “Prunes. For life,” signifying that California Prunes are good for life at every stage.

“It moves prunes away from an occasional food choice to a daily pleasure. This is ideal since California Prunes are good for your gut, heart and bones,” said Zea. “Gut health has gained more interest and relevance, and clinical trials suggest that eating five or six prunes a day may support healthy bones.”

“In addition to the nutritional benefits, market research has shown that the only thing holding people back from eating more prunes isn’t negative perceptions, but rather the simple need for more top-of-mind awareness,” he said.

“For more than three decades, we have opened markets globally for California Prunes and we continue to do so today,” said Zea. “California has invested in premium growing processes and quality control, along with nutrition and crop research, all while being committed to sustainable agriculture and ethical labor practices.”

“When it comes to prunes, California delivers. California Prunes have earned a premium reputation in global markets,” he said. “The message of our new brand is clear: Choose California for prunes.”

“California’s lush valleys, ancient soils and endless sun are ideal for growing a delectable-tasting fruit that is like none other,” said Joe Turkovich, chairman of the California Prune Board and California Prune grower from Winters. “California Prunes are handcrafted with care to ensure each piece of fruit is harvested at its peak for optimal size, exceptional texture and a signature sweetness.”

California Prunes are delivered into more than 60 countries around the world. The new brand will be integrated extensively into markets including the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan, China and South Korea.


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