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Kiito Protein Drink Sold In Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Wegmans


Kiito protein drink is gaining distribution at Sprouts Farmers Market, The Fresh Market and Wegmans stores.

The multi-retailer launch will significantly increase Los Angeles-based Kiito’s retail presence from e-commerce availability to more than 700 doors by July.

“In our first six months, we’re growing faster than we expected and have plans to be in over 1,000 doors by the end of 2019,” said Grant Tungate, co-founder and CEO. “We’re thrilled to bring a better plant-based protein option to more consumers across the U.S.—through great retailers like Sprouts, The Fresh Market, and Wegmans—for today’s active lifestyle, whether that’s heading to the gym or a meeting.”

In the fast-growing plant-based category, the company says it has the first organic plant-protein-packed drink with functional superfoods free from added sugars, gums and artificial flavors and contains 1g of sugar.

“The plant-based options we saw on shelves included long ingredient lists and many additives,” said Kendall Dreyer, co-founder and CSO. “With increasing consumer demand for cleaner foods, we created Kiito to include quality ingredients, functional superfoods with none of the junk. Kiito will make it easier to truly live well. “

The beverage is available in three flavors with a coconut milk and pea protein base and is packed with functional superfoods that support and promote optimal well-being, mental clarity, healthy detoxification, immunity, pH balance, and energy. Flavors include Vanilla Ashwagandha, Chocolate Maca, and Matcha Moringa.

Cold and fresh, Kiito is available direct to consumer ($65/12 bottles or auto-ship weekly), now in Sprouts and The Fresh Market, and launching at Wegmans in June (about $4.99 per bottle).

Kiito is the first organic plant-protein-packed drink with functional superfoods free from added sugars, gums, and artificial flavors. Kiito is designed with 20g of clean plant protein for healthy muscles and an active lifestyle, KiiTO delivers brain boosting superfoods plus medium chain triglycerides.

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