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Bashas’ Reveals Its Six Donut Flavor Craze Contest Finalists

Donut Flavor Craze Contest, Bashas'
An 8-year-old finalist created this raspberry-filled donut with green icing and white sprinkles to mimic a cactus in bloom.

Three adults and three kids are finalists for this year’s Bashas’ Supermarkets Donut Flavor Craze Contest.

Judges awarded six Arizona residents the coveted finalist title for their donut creations that celebrate the wonders and beauty of the 48th state.

The donut recipes captured all the best Arizona has to offer, with inspiration ranging from the vegetation that graces the Saguaro Desert to popular destinations like scenic Sedona and the Lost Dutchman Cave. The six finalists will each receive a Bashas’ gift card.

Basha’s Supermarkets Donut Flavor Craze Contest judges carefully weighed creativity, flavor combination, and individuality to choose the finalists based on a 100-word description of their best donut idea, including the proposed name, key ingredients, and why their donut perfectly portrays Arizona.

The finalists are:

Kids 8-17

Donut Flavor Craze, Bashas'
Prickly Pear Orange Blossom

Bryssa, age 11, Queen Creek, Prickly Pear Orange Blossom: An orange blossom donut filled with prickly pear jam, then dipped in a prickly pear icing and drizzled with an orange glaze.

Donut Flavor Craze, Bashas'
Sedona Surprise

Glory, age 8, Maricopa, Spiky Cactus: A raspberry-filled donut with green icing and white sprinkles so it looks like a cactus in bloom.

Kevin, age 14, Mesa, Sedona Surprise: A red velvet donut flavored with chunks of cherry and a slightly reddish-tinged clear glaze.


Donut Flavor Craze, Bashas'
Taste of Tucson

Michelle, Vail, Taste of Tucson: A basic donut recipe using mesquite flour instead of regular, filled with cactus jelly, and topped with yellow frosting with a dusting of chili powder.

Donut Flavor Craze, Bashas'
Spicy Apple Praline

Melanie, Clifton, Spicy Apple Praline: The inside filling is cinnamon apple, like an apple pie, but spiked with chopped green chili to add a mellow heat, then drizzled with maple icing, and sprinkled with rough-chopped, candied pecans.

Donut Flavor Craze, Bashas'

Joanne, Chandler, Haboob Crème Filled: A donut filled with vanilla pudding with finely crushed vanilla wafer cookies mixed in.

Two winning donuts (one kid, one adult) will be selected as winners on June 4, just in time for National Donut Day on June 7. The winning donuts will be featured in Bashas’ bakery cases across the state during the month of June.

In addition to having their winning donuts featured in Bashas’ bakery departments across the state, the two winners will be named Bashas’ Official Bashas’ Donut Ambassadors for 2019, and receive one dozen donuts every month for a year.

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