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His Mom’s Recipe Inspired Creation Of Art Cream Organic Ice Cream

Art Cream

Each flavor of Art Cream Organic Ice Cream is wrapped in a painting that embodies that flavor profile created by one of the team members.

Owner Luciano Vitali Alves was inspired by the flavors of his mother’s homemade ice cream. As a child, he worked in her ice cream shop, helping to scoop the ice cream. As an adult, he is sharing those flavors through his family-owned artisan ice cream brand that is based in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania.

“Launching an ice cream brand is a passion project of mine,” said Alves. “The love of making others happy through ice cream is one I inherited from my mother, and I hope to pass to my son as he grows.”

Art CreamArt Cream has begun to be introduced to select grocery stores in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Washington, D.C.; it soon will hit the shelves in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, according to the company.

Serving as official launch pilot is Bob Carlson, a veteran of the ice cream industry, who has worked with both startup and established companies for the past 30 years.

“I am extremely proud to be working with Luciano on the launch and growth of Art Cream,” said Carlson. “I remember how much fun ice cream used to be and how much joy it could bring a person, and we sought to actualize that feeling with Art Cream. Each pint is truly a work of art to be shared with friends and family.”

The varieties are: Indonesian Honey Vanilla; Chocolate; Cardamom; Saffron Honey Lemon; Caramel Praline Pecan; Ginger; Gluten Free Cookies & Cream; Coffee; and Bourbon Honey Pecan.

Art Cream, founded in 2018, makes its ice cream with certified organic milk and cream that comes from a pasture grazed, single-source herd. It is a company guided by five basic principles: “happy cows, happy people, quality, supporting the community and creating works of art.”

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