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Ever & Ever Canned Water A Challenger For Bottled Water

Ever & Ever canned water, sparkling

Ever & Ever, an aluminum canned water brand, is looking to break into the conventional water category that currently is dominated by single-use plastic. Ever & Ever is owned and produced by All Market Inc. (AMI), parent company of coconut water brand Vita Coco and organic energy drink brand Runa.

Ever & Ever canned water, stillUnlike single-use plastic water bottles, Ever & Ever aluminum bottles are recyclable when disposed of correctly in a recycling bin. Nearly 75 percent of aluminum ever produced is still in use today, compared to 91 percent of plastic waste having never been recycled.

“We are in the business of selling beverages in single-use packaging, and our team shares a passionate commitment to finding ways to neutralize our impact on the environment,” said Mike Kirban, CEO of AMI. “As an agile, independent company, we know AMI is uniquely positioned to help address this issue, and we are so proud and eager to get this environmentally-friendly water brand in the hands of our consumers.”

Jane Prior, CMO of AMI, said, “Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact of single-use plastic, yet their choices in grocery and convenience stores are limited. When recycled, an aluminum bottle can be turned into a new can in as little as 60 days, so we knew it was the most viable, sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. It’s been a sprint, but we’re excited to see Ever & Ever on store shelves around the U.S.”

Ever & Ever canned water, in still and sparkling varieties, is sold in 16-oz. Alumi Tek bottles from Ball Corp., SRP $1.99 each; 12-packs $23.99. Ever & Ever is a reverse osmosis water with added electrolytes for balance.

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