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O.Vine Alcohol-Free Wine-Infused Water Exhibiting At Fancy Food Show


Wine Water Ltd., parent company of O.Vine Inc. in Rosh Pina, Israel, is looking to launch its Chardonnay- and Cabernet Sauvignon-essence waters in the U.S. The two alcohol-free beverages are made with purified water and the nutritional benefits of upcycled wine grape residue.

The waters will be introduced at the Summer Fancy Food Show, June 23-25 in New York. Launched about a year ago, O.Vine received the “Best New Water” Concept Award at the Global Bottled Water Congress in Evian, France, last year.

Free of preservatives and synthetic colors, O.Vine is made with the skins and seeds of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay grapes, bringing the essence of these wines to water without intoxicating effects. The pomace that forms the waste product from the wine-making process yields phenolic antioxidants.

“We see O.Vine essence water as a big winner in the U.S., and these two new varietals will just make the brand stronger,” says Bill Sipper, managing partner at Cascadia Managing Brands. “It aligns with what Millennials are seeking; products that are organic, made by companies that respect the environment. Millennials also are drinking less alcohol. This combination makes O.Vine an all-around winner.”

The grapes are sourced from vineyards across the Galilee hills in Israel, one of the most ancient wine grape-growing regions on Earth.

“The environment in which the grapes are grown, the quality of the earth and the impeccable climate are factors that determine the flavor, color, body and aroma of wines; likewise is our fine wine water collection,” said Anat Levi, CEO and founder of Wine Water. “Chardonnay grapes grown in different locations will inherit distinctive characteristics that are very different from one another.”

“The new beverage duo emanates from single grape varieties. The Cabernet has a dark, red fruity character with a note of chocolate and a gentle tart twist. The Chardonnay imparts more tones of lime and apple with notes of caramel. Both are equally refreshing and delicious,” Levi added.

The company’s original collection is available online on and in-store at Neiman-Marcus in New York. The beverages are slated to appear on shelves of higher-end retail stores this summer as the company signs new contracts with a U.S.-based brand management company. The beverages also will be launching in the U.K. and France.

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