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Inner-Eco Revamps Logo, Packaging For Its Probiotic Coconut Water

Inner-Eco new logo, package

Inner-ēco has given a new look to its Probiotic Coconut Water line. The new logo and package, designed to appeal to the health-conscious community, boasts a modern look with the same probiotics that customers know and love. As gut health continues to be a powerful health and wellness trend, inner-ēco’s line of products, including probiotic coconut water and frozen smoothie packs, offer a dairy-free option.

“Consumers have embraced inner-ēco since its inception because our products are so effective and high quality,” said CEO Barb Vogel, who co-founded the company with Niki Price. “We are excited to share our refreshed look, which mimics inner-ēco’s mantra: a serious probiotic with a bubbly personality.”

Inner-ēco says its mission is to help people trapped in situations of injustice and despair. Proceeds from product sales go toward freeing enslaved people across the globe. Over the past decade, inner-ēco’s charitable efforts have freed at least six slaves a month, which is more than 720 lives.

The probiotics found in inner-ēco come from fresh coconut water. The young green coconuts for each batch are hand-cracked on site at the headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Inner-ēco comes in three flavors: original unsweetened, blueberry/blackberry, and mango/pineapple. Probiotic smoothie packs are available in mango/coconut, strawberry, banana and coconut. The original Young Green Coconut Frozen Smoothie Pack can be used in sauces, baked goods, smoothies, drinks and dressings. Look for inner-ēco products in Sprouts and Whole Foods nationwide. Each bottle contains 30 servings and the cost averages to 65 cents a day.

Inner-ēco was founded in 2008 by Price and Vogel, two elementary school teachers. The company’s probiotic coconut water and smoothie packs come in a variety of flavors.

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