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Rebuilding A Better Deli.

Rebuilding a Better Deli, Tyson

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Imagine a grocery experience where shoppers move effortlessly through the process of planning and purchase. The store layout guides them to different areas where they interact with digital screens and highly trained staff for quick and easy meal ideas. Their immediate needs are met in a highly personalized setting that educates, inspires and solves. Is this possible or just wishful thinking?

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing–deli at Tyson Foods Inc., “We asked high-profile thought leaders from Disney, Nike, Shinola, United Airlines, Second City, Farmer’s Fridge and other well-recognized brands outside deli about how our departments might better serve shoppers.¹ Their observations aligned with our research, revealing considerable consumer disappointments with the shopping experience itself.² They said deli must evolve, but to build the stores of the future, we need to put the consumer in the driver’s seat along the entire journey.”

The Building Blocks

Tyson Velocity

Laying the Foundation

The innovation experts say the stores of the future could be a reality, as long as we begin taking steps now to get there. They suggested starting by simplifying the number of SKUs in the deli department and then focusing on consistency in signage, design and layout. They also recommended optimizing the shopper experience through transparency in ingredients, sources, processes and consumer-facing prep.

Building a Better Experience

The Tyson Deli team is dedicated to developing new opportunities to build better experiences with shoppers. Connect with us to learn more about how to change the conversation:



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