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Bing Beverage Co. Launches New ‘Energy Kombuchas’

Bing Z

Bing Beverage Co., the Colorado-based, family-owned business that created Bing—the line of juice-based caffeinated, enhanced beverages—is adding Bing Z Energy to its kombucha portfolio that debuted last year.

The new Bing Z Energy line combines organic caffeine and ginseng with Bing’s traditionally-brewed, small-batch kombuchas. Bing Z Energy is initially available in Peach and Hatch Chile and Guava and Pineapple flavors.
According to Susan Seckman, co-founder and EVP, “Bing is known for its bold flavor combinations.”

In particular, the use of Hatch Chile, from the Hatch Valley, New Mexico, region, blended with organic peach juice, is a bold introduction for Bing to the kombucha beverage category.

“This product has a real ‘kick’ to it, combining hot, sweet and tangy. It revs you up and warms you up at the same time,” Seckman said.

Conversely, combining guava and pineapple flavors provides a new sweet experience to functional beverages.
Additional flavors are planned for early next year. The original Bing Z kombucha line features Bing’s signature bold, fruit juices in Cherry, Blackberry and Harvest Apple varieties.

“Bing Z Energy is a dramatic innovation for the kombucha category—it’s the perfect combination for the healthy, active consumer,” said Drew Jacobson, director of sales for Bing. “We believe energy kombucha will soon become an essential variety for this high-growth beverage category.”

Bing Z Energy kombucha is the latest addition to Bing’s “Zoetic” product line. The company chose the word Zoetic, meaning “of, and relating to life,” to represent the live probiotics and other natural benefits of its fermented organic products.

Bing Z is currently available in fine grocery stores across the United States. The Bing Z Energy line will debut in July on the shelves of Publix Supermarkets in the Southeast.

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