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Cape Foods’ 4-in-1 Spice Shakers Set To Launch In U.S.

Cape Foods, I Love Popcorn

Cape Foods will launch its 4-in-1 Shakers products into the U.S. market, the company said July 15.

The South African-based company with U.S. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a maker of herb, seasoning and spice products. It sells its private label spice blends in its signature grinders and shakers in more than 30 countries worldwide. Its 4-in-1 Shakers are considered one of its most unique products, having won the Packaging Institute of South Africa’s Gold Pack Award.

Cape Foods, I Love BBQThe 8-oz. shakers come in varieties that include I Love Pasta, I Love Popcorn, I Love BBQ, I Love Pink Salt, I Love Chicken, I Love Greece and I Love Garlic.

Cape Foods CEO and spokesperson, Gerhard Martin says, “How many times have you run out and bought a spice especially for one dish, and then just had it sitting in your cupboard? The four-pack shakers allow you to get different spices in one shaker, with separate compartments so if you don’t want to use every flavor for every dish, you have the option to save them for later, without overcrowding your kitchen with a lot of stuff you may not use that often.”

Beyond herbs and spices, Cape Foods’ 4-in-1 packaging has been a major success in the baking world as well. Cape Foods’ line of baking aids, Baking Delights, which includes a variety of colorful sprinkles and cake toppers, also are featured in the four-chamber style shakers.

“So you don’t end up with a big container of one thing,” says Martin, “which is why kids love them! They love to mix and match and just have fun with decorating. The Baking Delights are just a small part of our brand, but they’re a project that’s very close to my heart.”

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