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Hank’s Gourmet Beverages Debuts New Root Beer Packaging

Hank's Root Beer new packaging

Hank’s Gourmet Beverages, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based third-generation family business, is responding to customer and retailer input with a  packaging change for its root beer that debuted in late June.

Hank’s line of seven flavors now are packaged in handcrafted brown bottles, according to Tony Salvatore, partner and chief customer officer.

“Since our beginnings, we’ve been a company that has maintained an ongoing dialogue with both our fans and retailers. It is something that has played a great role in both shaping and continuing the evolution and expansion of our brand. In the craft soda category, brown bottles signify greater quality, and when we were considering a change, something to create uniformity in the line, we tapped both our retailers and fans, the latter through our social media and website for input. The public and the trade agreed, so we are rushing to introduce this change into the marketplace as soon as possible,” said Salvatore.

With the packaging alternations, Hank’s Orange Cream and Grape flavors, which were previously in clear bottles, will now come in brown to complement the other five popular Hank’s offerings. All other labeling and cap configurations will remain the same.

Since launching in 1995, Hank’s Gourmet Beverages have become available in upscale restaurants, bars, gourmet and specialty stores and via online sales. The original variety, Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer, anchors a craft soda product line that has grown to include Diet Root Beer, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream, Wishniak Black Cherry, Birch Beer and Grape.

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