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Repurposing Deli To Meet Shoppers’ Needs

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What is deli’s mission? Is it all about price cuts and product specials? Or should deli have a higher purpose? Shoppers have been telling us they want deli to do a better job meeting their needs when they’re short on time and menu ideas.¹ They’ve also asked us to deliver a shopping experience that ensures memorable, satisfying meals.²

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing–deli at Tyson Foods Inc., “If we consider a shopper’s time as a commodity with value—like money—this should drive us to increase consumer’s satisfaction for their time spent. This starts before they enter the store with educational messaging and online resources. We must also restructure the in-store experience by reducing perceived wait time, ramping up educational resources, and providing staff and signage that inspire satisfying meal ideas featuring prepared foods.”

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Tyson Foods recently consulted with visionaries from other industries to get their take on deli’s challenges.³ Their observations aligned with our own findings that if we can make some core improvements that directly affect the shopping experience, consumer satisfaction with deli will soar. The industry experts also cautioned that it’s time to go beyond deli’s basic premise of providing an assortment of prepared foods and expecting shoppers to figure it out. Consumers have different missions that require different solutions and we must adapt deli’s goal to meet their needs on their terms.



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